The 2017 CCSA Championships were hosted in Ottawa, October 6 to 8.

2017 National Silver Medalists – Saskatchewan

Pool A

  • Western University
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Calgary
  • St Clair College

Pool B

  • University of Regina
  • Durham College
  • University of Ottawa
  • Brock University


DateGame #Team 1Team 2TimeDiamond
Oct. 5Banquet7:00 PMSt Anthony’s Banquet Hall
Oct. 5Coaches Meeting10:00 PMTravelodge Ottawa West
Oct. 6G1WesternSaskatchewan12:00 PMDiamond 3
Oct. 6G2ReginaDurham12:15 PMDiamond 4
Oct. 6G3CalgarySt Clair2:00 PMDiamond 3
Oct. 6G4OttawaBrock2:15 PMDiamond 4
Oct. 6G5SaskatchewanSt Clair4:00 PMDiamond 3
Oct. 6G6DurhamBrock4:15 PMDiamond 4
Oct. 7G7ReginaOttawa10:00 AMDiamond 1
Oct. 7G8WesternCalgary10:15 AMDiamond 2
Oct. 7G9ReginaBrock12:00 PMDiamond 1
Oct. 7G10WesternSt Clair12:15 PMDiamond 2
Oct. 7G11DurhamOttawa2:00 PMDiamond 1
Oct. 7G12SaskatchewanCalgary2:15 PMDiamond 2
Oct. 7Awards3:30 PMDiamond 1 RA Centre
Oct. 7G132nd B3rd A6:00 PMDiamond 1
Oct. 7G142nd A3rd B6:15 PMDiamond 2
Oct. 8G154th A4th B10:00 AMDiamond 1
Oct. 8G16Loser of G13Loser of G1410:15 AMDiamond 2
Oct. 8G17Winner of G131st A12:00 PMDiamond 1
Oct. 8G18Winner of G141st B12:15 PMDiamond 2
Oct. 8G19Winner of G17Winner of G182:00 PM
Oct. 8G20Loser of G17Loser of G182:15 PM
Oct. 8Medal Ceremony3:45 PMDiamond 1 RA Centre